My wife and I both bought glasses at Pearle Vison and in less than 5 months my wifes pair had the coating on the lenses coming off. We went back to the store and they said we would have to pay for 50% of the cost.

This is after a clerk stated that it should never had happened. We are going to contact the headquarters and complain but reviewing other complaints this appears to be a futile effor.

We will now take our DRs advice which was never go to Pearle Vision. My pair always shows a blue tint but I am living with it.

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Sounds to me like your anti- glare coating is a low quality. Next time ask about a premium coating such as Crizal Sapphire or Avance.

2 year warranty against defects & 1 time replacement in the first year against scratches. Maybe try a private Optometry office who actually cares about giving their patients a quality product instead of the mass produced stock lenses with *** AR coating pearle uses.


Have the same issue they don't have warranty on my glaases even though i paid for it lawsiut




I have worn glasses for many years -i have never had coating come off until i went to Pearle Vision-i took them back and the clerk said he had NEVER seen this before-i do not like to be lied to-if this is now this compony works -they lost my business plus everybody i talk to!!!!



I'm Theo with Pearle Vision. I am so sorry to hear that you are disappointed with your glasses.

Please contact me at 1-800-yes-eyes or email me at icare@pearlevision.com. I'd like to help."


I had the anti glare coating on mine-similar thing happen-turns out i wasn't cleaning them properly.. My next pair used the cleaning products no issues.Pearle has been good to my fammily

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have you ever used hot water to clean your glasses? Hot water, as well as any "glasses cleaner" will eat the AR coating right off. You should only ever clean your glasses with a microfibre cloth, and that is it.

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