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February 2009 I bought a new pair of glasses from Pearle Vision at Quail Springs Mall. I had a bad feeling about it when the sales people there didn't seem to be very service or customer oriented.

Anyway I placed the ordered and picked up the glasses about a week later. After a few months I noticed in the right lens there was a defect appearing in the right lenses that looked like a manufacturing defect and the lenses themselves seemed to be becoming pretty scratched and worn more than they should for just having them less than half a year. I went back to Pearle Vision Monday August 10th and had one of the sales people look at them and she said yeah they look like they need to be replaced and that they probably could be done for free but I would need to check with the manager but he wasn't there on Mondays and to come back on Tuesday. So I went back on Tuesday August 11th.

The manager was gone to lunch and the sales person took a look at them and said sure we can replace them but the cost will be $305.00. I told her what about your warranty and the defect? She said well if you werent satisfied you had 30 days to return them. Well 30 days is hardly fair since your product seems to be faulty and what about the 1 year warranty?

She said well the replacement lenses were actually $400 and the $305.00 was the warranty replacement cost. Thats the point at which I asked for my prescription and left and went to Eyemasters downstairs where I purchased a brand new pairs of glasses for $219.00 and was treated by their staff with real professionalism and respect and picked up my glasses a few hours later. I did talk to Pearle Visions manager who told me that the sales person I spoke to was incorrect and that the replacement lense cost was not $305.00 but was closer to the $219.00 range and may be free. I will take my glasses in to just see what they will quote me but unless they replace them free I don't think I want their inferior product and will take the frames to eyemasters to put new lenses in the for what will probably be a cheaper price.

For any of you out there who were glasses or contacts I would definitely avoid Pearle Vision since this place seems to be a ripoff and needs to be avoided and closed. I plan to see this store closed down.

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Riverhead, New York, United States #736388

I am an Optician for more than 25 yrs. in NY.

I have worked for many different companies. With that said, I have worked for people that I respect and I have worked for crooks! My first question to the writer is where do you get your grammar and spelling from, the cat in the hat? Next, How do you as a layman know what an optical defect it?

The most educated and experienced optician is baffled at some things we see in the manufacturing process. This is called Idiopathic (look it up writer). I agree that the store's customer service is not top notch. I as the manager of a retail optical, know that people need to be treated with respect, given all the correct information and be included in the entire process!

The manager of this location, dropped the ball big time, but your rant is not going to change anything other than making you feel better. I would have replaced the lenses at N/C and rectified the situation. If you have a problem with Pearle Vision or any other major chain, call their corporate headquarters. Every large corp.

has a complaint protocol.

In most cases I take care of the issue at the store level, because my parent company will have to eventually make things right, and that means that I have to what they tell me in the end, anyway. Bottom line is stop whining and go through the correct channels.

to eyeguy Chicago, Illinois, United States #1257021

Ur talking about the writers grammer but look at ur last sentence u ***

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