I went to Pearle Vision in Manhasset, NY. My daughter got a new prescription for her eyeglasses, I just needed to get new lens put into the eyeglass.

The sales woman quoted me $189. I then asked what if i got new glasses and lens, she said it would cost $169. I left and said I was going to shop around because the price was still too high. Her attitude was so rude.

I went home did some researching online. Pearle Vision had a student package price for $129 including glasses and polycarbonide lens. I called another pearle vision location I was quoted $99 for lens replacement. I called back Manhasset store, told them what the other store quoted me and they said they would match it.

I am still upset because the sales women totally misled me. I believe she could've given me a better price to begin with. I had to do my own research.

If you live in the Queens/Long Island area visit the Pearle Vision in Bayside, they were upfront and couteous. Avoid Manhasset Peale Vision.

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You people are idiots. Pearle Vision is a company that has both independently owned franchises as well as corporate locations.

Therefore prices & sales will not be the same for each store.

Everyone who says they are taking their business to lenscrafters makes me chuckle as well. Both pearle & lenscrafters are owned by luxottica corp.


My husband took his glasses to Pearle for lenses only, from Dr prescription, on 1/4/2011. Pickup date was quoted as 1/14/2011.

Date came & went and after several phone calls, Pearle said "vendor" shipped glasses without the nose pads (they lost them), so Pearle sent glasses to a local eyeglass repair shop. Have called several times and they keep putting us off until today, they finally said the repair shop shipped them yesterday - Regular Mail!!

After 5 weeks and a complete runaround, and they send them regular mail - that is to the Pearle location - so we still have to drive 35 miles to pick them up. What a way to do business - we will never deal with this company again!!

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