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Pearle Vision Gainesville, Georgia.Despite the fact that I had to deal with unprofessional, rude, dishonest, ignorant (in their field) salespeople while purchasing my $300 glasses, I couldn't see out of them when I finally got them a week after they were promised. After 3 visits back to the store (30 minutes one way) trying to fix the problem, I asked for a refund and was told I couldn't have one.

I persisted and the guy told me I could get my money back for the frames and 1/2 the price of the lenses which would be like throwing away $100. As a single mother of two boys, that was an upsetting option. I took what was offered & a pair of single vision replacement glasses in a cheap frame. I was promised a refund to my charge card with 24 hours.

It's been 8 days, no refund. I'm calling customer service and the Better Business Bureau.

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Ik heb een bril bij pearle gekocht.

Ik zei geef me maar de beste bril die er is, hij rade aan om kunststof, maar daar heb ik altijd vlekken en stof op.

Dat had ik bij een glazen bril niet.

De bril was ook nog niet goed, ik vroeg als die toch vernieuwd moet worden doe dan maar glas.

Maar het werdt weer kunststof deze zou ook nog kras vrij zijn, maar er zitten toch kleine krasjes op de bril en stof of vlekken.


If you are still in need of assistance, please contact me, Theo at 1-800-Yes-Eyes or I will also check with the store owner to make sure this issue was resolved. I apologize for the delay.

Thank you,




I don't know who "Theo" is but the customer service department at Pearle CO has never heard of him.


Hi I'm Theo with Pearle Vision,

I am so sorry for your experience. I'd be happy to look into this to see if there is anything I can do to assist. If you care to share more details, please contact me, Theo, at

Thank you,


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