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i work for a former DOC now pearle vision. let me tell you, pearle vision is horrible.

corperate is very unhelpful and the service and sales that pearle vision has is just no good. luxotica is the walmart of eyes. they only care about profit and could care less about customer satisifaction or product quality. luxotica owns pearle vision, lens crafters, jc penny optical, sears optical, target optical, and now DOC, they also own versace, ray ban, vouge, CK, D&G, and the list goes on.

so guess what the only products they sell in their stores.... pearle vision only sells what luxotica owns. it's the greatest scam ever.

pearle vision and luxotica are crummy companies with no moral compass.

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Pearl vision - Shinook Calgary has the worst customer service. The sales representative was very rude and completely unhelpful.


I had know idea PV owned Target optical. I went there today thinking it would be cheaper because they participate in Blue Perks, and it ended up costing me more than my regular doctor.

None of this was explained to me until I went to leave. I specifically verified the amount prior to making my appointment. I spoke to Target managers and their corporate office and they basically said they can charge what they want to. In fact that was what the lady said, exactly, at Target's corporate office.

I was trying to save a buck. The doctor didnt have my contacts there so he had to order a trial pair, he also said he wasn't sure this would be the correct prescription.

It's a long story, but basically i got screwed...The price they charged me, was never quoted to me, and they said nothing about extra charges. Be weary!!


I really hope you still dont work for our company! Luxottica Retail is a great company to work for and if you dont agree please leave!

Who would ever want to buy glasses from you, do you also tell your customers what a terrible company you work for?

Your a joke! and btw jc pennys optical is not part of us (Luxottica Retail) get your facts straight!


I also work at a PV franchise, and I will tell you this. We carry NOTHING by luxottica. Why? Because of the reason's you stated. Corporate is useless, clueless and only out to make a buck, and their service reflects this.

But don't lump all PV centers into the same category. Our franchise goes out of our way to provide the best eye care and products to our patients. Our entire office tries to distance ourselves from the Pearle name because of the negativity out there towards it.

Bottom line, Not all Pearle Visions are the same, please don't think we're all part of the evil corporation that's out to steal your money. Because we're not.

Poultney, Vermont, United States #16249

As an employee at PV, you should know that some stores are corporate and some are franchisees. Franchisees do not only sell Luxottica frames and lenses.

Many by frames from outside vendors as well. I have worked at PV for over 10 years and love it. This franchise is great, our service is great and our patients let us know that.

I'm sorry your so unhappy with your job. Don't let that one store, ruin your perception of the franchise stores as well.

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