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I will never use Pearle vision for my eyeglasses/contacts ever again!!! Worst customer service and completely dishonest.

I went in for an eye exam knowing all the co-pays I am responsible for and when I was at the check out to pay, there was an extra $35 fee that was my responsibility. They said it was for the new machine that takes a picture of inside of the eye and it is not covered by the insurance. THE OPTOMETRIST FAILED TO MENTION THIS CHARGE, but he spent 5 minutes explaining how great the machine is!!! HOW DISHONEST.

I said I do not want to pay this charge bc I feel it is not fair to me; it was never brought up or explained in terms of $$$ at all. They kept sending me the bill, which in the end I paid so I don't ruin my credit history, but I felt very ripped off; even after sending in a long letter explaining how unsatisfied the experience was.

At this time and economy, people don't have the money to pay UNEXPECTED CHARGES that you do not tell them up front! They have lost me as the customer; I know for a fact I will not use such a dishonest business and I will make sure to tell others so they don't get ripped off by Pearle as well.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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I am writing about an experience my son had last week at a brand new Pearle Vision Ctr. in our community. After making several calls and clarifying fees and our AAA discount and explaining that my son was in need of a contact script renewal and a refraction because he needed glasses as a backup, I scheduled an appt. I left the Ctr. for 15 minutes, came back and was in the process of trying to schedule an appt. for my daughter only to find the hours for exams are not what is on the website or on the voice mail. I was finishing the conversation when my exited the exam room blinking his eyes and saying THAT I DEFINITELY DID NOT WANT MY DAUGHTER COMING TO THIS PLACE. He said the practitioner wanted him to go through two weeks of "trial lenses" -- he has worn lenses for over 13 yrs. -- and that she refused to do a refraction and give him a script for eye glasses because after the contact lense trials that might change.

He explained he didn't have two weeks, was satisfied with current lenses and was leaving for school. He was most concerned about the way the practitioner administered the exam--not moving the machine to his height but rather having him try to bend down, twisting his head, etc., etc. This is a person who has been going through eye exams for over 20 years. He was beside himself upset by the experience and having to leave with NOTHING!

By the time we go home we had messages saying that we had to pay for an exam and to call immediately. We did not return the phone calls that day. The following day we received a call from the Center saying that there was another practitioner there that day who would give him prescriptions!!! Someone who had not examined him was now going to hand out a script for contacts and a refraction, which had never been done!

My son wanted no part of returning to that center. AND NOW we received a bill requesting $79 for a Contact Lens Fit, which never in fact happened!

As a family, we have been Pearle Vision customers for many, many years. Not only did they lose my son as a customer, but I will never schedule an appt. for my daughter at that center. AND I question whether my husband or I will ever use this company again.

My plan is to attempt to acquire an address for the corporate headquarters to report our experience. I plan to write to the billing department for the corporation reporting our experience regarding "trial lenses for two weeks" and the subsequent "we have someone who will write you a script" experience.

Wish me luck in finding the appropriate addresses!


i had the same problem. i wasnt told i was going to be charged extra 40$ for the test. what a way to rip off my money


Hello Larisa007,

I'm Theo with Pearle Vision. I am so sorry to hear you had a disappointing experience. If you tell me which store you visited, I'd be happy to look into this and see if there is anything I can do to assist.

You can email details to me at

Thank you,


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