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I also was a victim of Pearle Visions poorly done eyeglasses. I ourchased a very pricey pair od Dolce and Gabanna glasses in the 300+ price range which made me feel confident that there was no way anything could go wrong............well it did, and very suprisingly after the glasses were no longer covered under store warranty, about 3 months.

The lenses on both eyes have so many cracks in them that I can't stand to put them on. I made a huge investment in Pearle Vision and I will not EVER do that again.

I am pissed off!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $300.

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maybe before you submit a complaint you should learn how to spell

Wahiawa, Hawaii, United States #24881

I didn't mean to post the comments below in response to Tansmith's complaint. Sorry.

Wahiawa, Hawaii, United States #24880

Since you have access to the Internet, I suggest you go to the Pearle Vision website ( Poke around there until you come accross their warranty provisions.

You'll see that the one year warranty is not an unlimited one. At the website you can also find out how to contact the company.

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