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I was seen at the Location in Gilbert, Arizona March 3, 2018. After waiting for someone in Customer Service to assist me for some time, and after 2+ hrs, I left with soft contact lenses to give them a try.

I had an issue in removing one of them and went back unannounced to have someone help me get it out. The receptionist helped me, as no one else was around when I went back, in a panic, as I had had the one contact in for 3 days. I dealt with a Rose Portz. Pain in the *** She made everything way more difficult than it should have been.

The first visit i paid $95 and my insurance had a $0 copay. I was supposed to have this refunded. My After weeks of waiting for a gas perm set of contacts, I finally called, and was told, that they Just had arrived. Rose Portz said, as a Manager, she had the exclusive ability to give discounts, and after weeks and weeks of getting no where, had told me she would not charge me for the hard lenses.

I did not receive a refund, and there was no more contact with them, as I was pissed off and exhausted dealing with the office staff. I chose not to order glasses and asked for my prescription. They did not print it off for me. Instead, i received a copy of the statement.

Now I will start all over, and have to pay out of pocket, as they already billed my insurance. I will never go into another Pearle Vision store again. Everything was a cluster. I feel I should have the $95 refunded to me, and that I should have received my RX for the contact lenses and the glasses.

I can be reached: Rebecca Humbert 480.980.7909.

Address: 751 N Lisbon Drive, Chandler, Arizona 85226. Thank you.

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Idiot, never publish your personal information on an open internet forum. Do you have any idea what kind of weird-o and nutbag looney tunes read this ?

Lots. You shouldn't expose yourself in this way ; this website does not lead to the offending vendor, it simply hangs in troll cyberspace and Heaven only knows where else.

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