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We have had exams and bought eyeglasses from Pearle for about 12 years. I would estimate a minimum of 20 pairs of glasses and sunglasses.

We are 350 miles form the nearest Pearle. My glasses broke so tried to ordera pair online to get me through and I called to get my PD and was told rudely that they don't give out that info.

The manager was not available and the second person was just as rude as the first. I tried to explain how I am having an emergency, I have no glasses and I can't see. But they don't seem to care. I wasn't trying to take my business elsewhere, I live in a rural area where there is an eye doctor in town once a month and he doesn't sell glasses.

Buh Bye Pearle, you just lost a loyal customer, and so Lenscrafters, Sears and the rest of your sister companies. It's pretty clear you care nothing for your loyal customers.

Monetary Loss: $500.


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You are entitled to your pupillary distance under HIPAA because this is "technical data" about your health.You must make a written request for the records to them (such as a record release form) and specify "PUPILLARY DISTANCE" as the information you want.

If they refuse to provide the PD, then you have a case with the Office of Civil Rights.https://ocrportal.hhs.gov/ocr/cp/complaint_frontpage.jsf

to Sherry Riverton, New Jersey, United States #945920

civil rights?....really.. im sure my health care provider should furnish me with the measurements of how long my fingers are too.... as long as I request it in writing......ugh...


Pearle Vision, Roseville, rudely declined to give me my PD as well. Am I not entitled to a report of my full prescription?


Pearle got me too. They would not give me my pupil distance(PD) unless I bought my glasses at Pearle Vision. After paying for an eye exam at Pearle, I am stuck with the bill and can only buy the overpriced glasses there. Can you spell SUCKER? That's me.

Anyoe here know how I can get my PD measured since that is the only thing I need to buy glasses at a store of my choosing?

Thanks- Gregg

to Gregg Riverton, New Jersey, United States #945915

Gregg, I have an idea.....contact a college that has an ophthalmic science program...take it....pass it...

sit for your state boards...pass them..... and take it yourself... or,.. go to a licensed professional to have your glasses made.

usually, we have a soft spot for "suckers" like yourself, and will still make the proper recommendations such as..

frame fit, and lens type, and maybe even explain your rx to you, so you know why...you need glasses...of course, after we get you to pay a fair price for your glasses, and you leave our office, we will laugh at the fact that now you have more knowledge about your eye health than you did when you walked in the door, and we will look forward to addressing any concerns you may have in the future, about your vision.

to Anonymous #1349026

Kudos. Well said.


Steph, again, I have no local shop to go to, please read before you go all judgemental.


Just Because and I never give out pupilllary....maybe you need new glasses.I said I live 350 miles from a Pearle and wanted an online pair to get me through.

I suppose I szhould have jumped in the car half blind and driven to Pearle.I get that online glasses are not ideal but when you work seven days a week at your business and are so remote from the nearest shopping mall, online shopping is necessary sometimes, so spew your judgement at someone else, you bitter trolls.


Actually, I have heard that the PDcan be different depending upon the frames you chose---If you tried on a frame, which sits higher on your nose, that PD would not be the same as if you tried on a frame which was lower set.So, If you order the cheapie glasses online (And many of these sites have already closed down) How can you hold the eye doctor, or local optician responsible when they dont work for you?

Also, where will you go when you need adjustments and repairs?Do you feel the local optical shop, shou;d be responsible to fix your online product?


I have recently researched this matter and have found that in the US the Federal Trade Comission has ruled some time ago that a patient is entitled to one free copy of the prescription for their eyeglasses and it must contain all necessary information, including the PD, to enable an eyeglass maker to construct a pair of eyeglasses for patient in question. Also anti trust laws prohibit businesses from engaguing in practices that inhibit a patient from shopping around for the best price and the full prescription is necessary to do that so anyone who says that they are not required to give the patient their PD is wrong and if the PD is with held then they are in direct violation of US law regardless of what be written in any state law and in Ohio are subject to fines of $11,000 or more if found guilty.

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